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Dr. Sapadin’s Psychotherapy and Coaching Services

What is PsychWisdom Psychotherapy?

PsychWisdom Psychotherapy is a unique experience in which you can safely explore and learn about your feelings, thoughts and behavior in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Most people seek out therapy because they have a strong desire to make their life better, yet are unable to move past or let go of old self-defeating patterns. Difficulties often include relationship turbulence, communication chaos, career confusion, uncontrolled mood changes, intimacy issues as well as anxiety, depression, stress and tension, all of which interfere with high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Short-term therapy can help you deal with specific problems by clarifying your thoughts, modifying your emotional responses and expanding your options.

Long-term therapy can transform your life – from one that’s plagued with stress, tension and negativity to one that’s enriched, satisfying and optimistic.

 How Does This Happen?

There’s no simple answer to this question. There are many types of psychotherapy and therapeutic orientations. PsychWisdom therapy is based primarily on an educational model, using the best of these methods:

  • Cognitive Therapy which focuses on changing irrational beliefs and erroneous thinking.
  • Behavior-Modification Therapy which emphasizes changing maladaptive behaviors and avoidance patterns.
  • Gestalt Therapy which focuses on acknowledging and accepting all parts of oneself in order to live as a creative and integrated “whole” person.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy which highlights the influence of relationships, emotions, childhood experiences and inner conflict.
  • Systems Therapy (family and couple) which highlights the influence of the system (family, community, work) in which you live and work. All people thrive when they are in the right environment. All people pale when they are in the wrong one.No one school of therapy is best for everyone. PsychWisdom therapy uses strategies from different schools to best meet your needs rather than expecting your needs to fit into my orientation.


What is PsychWisdom Coaching?

Coaching is an educational approach to helping people (and organizations) enhance personal performance. It has been used for many years in the arts and athletics. In these fields, a coach is considered absolutely necessary in order for an individual or team to achieve star status.

Because coaching has been so successful in helping athletes and artists achieve their goals, it has made a rapid expansion into other areas of life. Coaching is particularly useful for those who those who are emotionally stable and want to move ahead in their careers.

How Does PsychWisdom Coaching Work?

Let’s say that you’re a professional, executive, artist or student. Though you know you’re doing well, you know you’re capable of doing even better. Yet, it’s not happening or it’s happening too slowly for your satisfaction.

You’re not sure if it relates to anxiety, self-sabotage, procrastination, negative energy, poor communication skills, relationship difficulties or the need for increased knowledge about self-presentation, group dynamics, hierarchical power, marketing strategies or organizational structure.

Think of how helpful it would be if you could discuss your situation with an objective and non-judgmental coach. Though I may not be an expert in your field, I am an expert in problem solving, creative thinking, group dynamics, communication skills, relationship skills, emotional expression and modulation.

Working as a team, we begin by defining the problem.

—You may be deep in the forest with neither road map or compass.

—You may be stuck in the mud just inching along.

—You may be doing well but would relish a tailwind to speed things up.

Functioning as a motivator, strategist, idea person and nurturing taskmaster, I help you develop the necessary skills to confront the challenges you face. This is accomplished by creating options and strategies, establishing a plan of action with a timeline, exploring resistance, bolstering confidence and encouraging you to follow through on your game plan.

Coaching sessions are flexible in terms of their frequency. Coaching takes place in person or over the phone. Phone sessions are particularly useful for those who live a distance from my office, which is located on Long Island, 30 minutes from New York City.

For more information on PsychWisdom Psychotherapy and Coaching Services,

contact me at or 516 791-2780.

Our work together will be geared toward helping you succeed. 

When you succeed, I succeed. 

That’s the best definition of a win-win relationship!

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