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Nix Your “Nots”

Think what you say to yourself is not that significant? Think again. Whatever you say to yourself becomes what you believe, whether it’s true or not, helpful or not.

Language packs a punch. Make it work for you! Here’s how:

negative-self-talk11. Be aware of your negative words.

What do you say to yourself that prevents you from doing what you need to do to move forward in life?

Perhaps you believe you DON’T have the skills, confidence, energy, brains, looks or assets to improve your life.

What are your favorite “WON’TS” that prevent you from moving forward? Perhaps you WON’T become more organized, take the risk, learn the skills, change your habits, or listen to advice.

How often do you say to yourself I CAN’T? Perhaps you believe you CAN’T take a step forward, be more confident, speak up, lose weight, find the time to do what you want (or need) to do.

2. Substitute your negative words with positive ones.

I DO, I WILL, I CAN are the words that will move you forward. Let’s begin right now by saying 3 sentences that begin with those positive words.

Ron says, “I DO know what course to take to improve my computer skills.”

Serena says, “I WILL become more organized so that I’m not always in a frenzy about finding things.”

Tom says, “I CAN improve my relationship with my wife by speaking up about my concerns.”

You say,” I ………………………”

Send me your sentence(s) ( and tell me what difference you think it will make (or has made) in your life.

3. Notice how positive words affect your WILL- POWER.

negative-self-talk2Your WILL-POWER pulls you up; your WON’T-POWER pushes you down. When you stop speaking about what you don’t, won’t and can’t do, your brain will develop the drive and determination to do amazing things.

Wouldn’t you like to develop the inner strength to make decisions and carry them out, despite inner resistance, discomfort or difficulties? Yes, well that is what WILL-POWER is all about.

Most people speak with little awareness of how their word choices affect their beliefs and behavior. Now that you know better, I hope you’ll make it a habit to use words that contribute to, rather than diminish, your power.

Change your language, change your life.


“Words are the threads on which we string our experience.”
Aldous Huxley

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