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How Do YOU Procrastinate?

The 6 Personality Styles of Procrastination

Here are the 6 distinct styles along with their hallmark “BUT” excuse. They are:

The Perfectionist:        “BUT it’s not perfect.”

The Dreamer:              “BUT I want to go from A to Z without doing all the stuff in between.”

The Worrier:                 “BUT I’m afraid to leave my comfort zone.”

The Crisis-Maker:         “BUT I can’t get motivated until the last minute.”

The Defier:                    “BUT why should I do it?”

The Pleaser:                  “BUT I have difficulty saying “no” to others.”

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Help! I Relate to Several Styles.    Am I Hopeless?

No! No! No!  Though you may relate to several of them (after all, they are human traits), one or two will likely jump out at you. The 6 styles represent the outer polarities of 3 traits:

Attention to Details: The perfectionist pays too much attention to details; the dreamer doesn’t pay enough attention.

Focus on the Future: The worrier is overly concerned about what might happen if…; the crisis-maker is not sufficiently concerned (until crunch time).

Relationship to Others: The defier goes against what others want; the pleaser is overly oriented to what others want.

Your goal is to create a better balance between these extremes!

What is Procrastination?

Some believe it’s just plain laziness. Sorry, not true. The crux of procrastination is that it’s an unresolved “approach-avoidance” conflict.

A part of you knows you need (or want) to do a task yet another part of you resists doing it. Like a Hamlet in the world of action, you’re torn between two impulses: “to do or not to do.”

Such ambivalence makes it tough to keep you motivated. So, you begin a task but lingering resistance means you work at a snail’s pace. Or, you never move beyond your crippling conflict; your energy remains dammed, damning you to yet another unaccomplished achievement.

But Doesn’t Everybody Procrastinate?

Yes, everybody does – on occasion. But for some people, it’s a chronic, pervasive and deeply rooted pattern. Chronic procrastinators have a built-in tendency to let things slide, not only with challenging tasks but also with easy ones.

Why is Procrastination so Hard to Change?

Procrastination is driven by strong emotions and tenacious personality traits. If it were a simple matter, like “making resolutions” or “just doing it,” surely your parent’s nagging, teacher’s scolding or your own desire to be more productive would’ve cured you of it years go.

To change an embedded habit, you must learn specific skills and strategies tailored to your personality style. This is essential as the right advice for one style is the wrong advice for another.

All Very Interesting.  

So What Do I Do Now?

If you are tired with having one long disconnect between what you intend to do and what you actually do, here are two ways for you to change the pattern.

1. Here are two books that will teach you how to change your pattern

How to Beat Procrastination in the Digital Age: 6 Change Programs for 6 Personality Styles

First you’ll take a 60 question quiz to pinpoint your personality style(s).

Then you’ll delve into the chapters that describe, in detail, your personality style.

You’ll discover illuminating insights that will clear up any confusion you have about why you operate the way you do.

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College Student Edition: Overcoming your Procrastination: Advice  for 6 personality styles 

A MUST-HAVE book for all college students and those headed to college soon. No more procrastination, self-flagellation and empty promises to do better next time. If you have even an ounce of interest in working smarter, not harder – read this book. You’ll get great insights into your personality that’ll help you do better in college and beyond.

Then you’ll immerse yourself in the change program tailor-made for your personality style. There you’ll find empowering strategies, creative guided imagery, innovative to-do assignments and more.

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2.  Learn how coaching sessions can help you achieve your goals.

We’ll work together to define the problem, enhance your skills, create a game plan, define a timeline and provide you with a tailwind to help you achieve your goals in a timely way.

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