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101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2 – excerpt

Articles by John Gray, Jack Canfield,
Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor,
Linda Sapadin, Alan Cohen

101-Great-Ways-featureWhat’s Stopping You?

Your Favorite Don’ts

What are your favorite don’ts that prevent you from doing what you need to do to be successful or happy?

Perhaps you believe you don’t have the talent, the money, the confidence, the know-how, the energy, the time, the looks, the brains, the motivation, the willpower. Ten big don’ts! And there are many more. Hence if I neglected to mention your dearest don’t, add it on now.

What do these don’ts stop you from doing?

I don’t know,” shrugged Jeff. “I have no idea what I want,” whined Winona. If you, like Jeff or Winona, don’t know what you want, how are you ever going to get it? Don’t tell me you still believe in Santa Claus bringing you what you want. And by the way, how would he know what you want if you don’t even know?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I wasn’t the prettiest. I wasn’t the most talented. I simply wanted it more than anyone else.” Obviously, there was a lot of Monroe’s life that didn’t work, but if you’re open to learning, then know that anyone in life can be your guide.

If your mind easily zooms in to why you can’t do something, here’s some important advice for you.

  • Do what interests you, even when there’s more pain than gain. When I first began skiing, I loved the sport – despite falling on almost every turn. Black and blue bruises be damned, it was too much fun to give up!
  • Learn to tolerate feelings of inadequacy. There are days when you will feel incredibly dumb or klutzy. These are “bad days,” not a life position – unless you choose to make it so.
  • Quit comparing yourself to the best. Sometimes people think they can’t even try an activity (like writing or public speaking) because they won’t be any good at it. They compare themselves to the best and fall short. Cut that out! No, you’re not the best. You’re not even average. You’re just a beginner. Let yourself be one. Don’t belittle what you’re doing. Don’t call yourself nasty names. And don’t give credence to others’ wisecracks.
  • Take an action. Thinking, reading, talking, or wishing you could do something is often a good way to begin. But if you want to pursue an activity or reach a goal, you must take the plunge and do it. Thinking is no substitute for action.

If you still find yourself stuck and can’t get moving to do what needs to be done, go back to your list of don’ts. Treat these don’ts as naughty children who are behaving badly. Give them time-outs. Now that they are stuck in their room, you are free! Take the opportunity to go and do what you’ve always wanted to do. No excuses. Do it now!

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